We make innovation in protein research accessible


Our mission is to accelerate protein research across all fields and industries by using a combination of nano- and biotechnology. By providing expertise and proprietary technology in the areas of protein expression, purification, binding and activity analysis, and high-resolution structure determination, we want to support anyone engaging in protein research.


PUXANO wants to become the key industry’s go-to partner in protein research where standard protocols fail. By building and implementing novel technologies, bridging nano- and biotechnology, and perform computer science, we seek to unlock R&D on previously inaccessible proteins.


Excel beyond Competition
PUXANO strives to be at a level of excellence which transcends competition. We seek to overcome those challenges that others regard as impossible and offer our partners access to technology which fosters break-through insights in protein structure and function.

Innovate beyond disciplines
PUXANO combines different fields of expertise in nanotechnology, structural biology and computer science. This enables us to provide new perspectives and multidisciplinary innovative solutions.


PUXANO consists of an interdisciplinary team of structural biologists and nanotechnologists who are driven to develop lasting solutions for clients operating within the domain of drug development, enzymatic processing and diagnostics. Our team members have experience with protein production and purification, binding analysis, 3D structure determinations (Cryo-electron microscopy), surface functionalization, and micro- and nano-structuring of different materials.


Wouter Van Putte, PhD.
Managing Director

Marie-Aline Mattelin, ir, PhD.
Lead Micro- and Nanofabrication

Sam Detry, PhD.
Lead Protein Services

Business Advisory Board

We are supported by an experienced board of business advisors (formerly) fulfilling leading roles within pharmaceutical and nanotechnology companies.

Ludo Ooms
Financial Advisor - Pharma
Former Managing Director Janssen Switzerland & Austria and Former CFO Janssen Europe Middle East & Africa

Jan-Matthijs ter Meulen
Industrial Advisor - Nanotechnology and Business Development
Co-Founder Morphotonics

Scientific Advisory Board

We are supported by an experienced board of scientific advisors fulfilling leading roles within renowned academic institutions.

Prof. Savvas Savvides, Phd.
Scientific advisor - Structural Biology
Group leader Unit for Structural Biology – Ghent University/VIB-IRC

Prof. Jean-Pierre Timmermans, PhD.
Scientific advisor – Cell biology
Group Leader Cell Biology and Histology Lab - Antwerp University


PUXANO additionally engages in non-CRO collaborations. We believe good partnerships can significantly boost the scientific and technological progress necessary to spearhead novel and challenging protein research, especially in drug development. Therefore, we continuously seek for partners, academic or industrial, who share our core values of scientific excellence and interdisciplinary innovation. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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