Accelerating structure-based protein research

PUXANO is a nanotech-driven biotech company providing protein R&D services


Accelerate structure based protein research

Our mission is to accelerate protein research across all fields and industries by using a combination of nano- and biotechnology. By providing expertise and proprietary technology in the areas of protein expression, purification, binding and activity analysis, and high-resolution structure determination, we want to support anyone engaging in protein research.


Nano & biotechnology expertise

PUXANO consists of an interdisciplinary team of structural biologists and nanotechnologists driven to develop lasting solutions for clients operating within the domain of drug development, enzymatic processing and diagnostics. Our team harbors expertise in protein production and purification, binding analysis , 3D structure determinations (cryo-electron microscopy), as well as as micro- and nanotechnologies (microfluidics, biosensing, photo- and e-beam lithography).


Fast track your protein through the PUXANO cryo-EM pipeline

We specialize in cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) sample preparation, screening and data collection. But we can also help you at earlier stages such as protein construct design, expression, purification and binding analysis. Our current platform enables high-throughput sample preparation for cryoEM, by eliminating major bottlenecks such as sample consumption (10X less) and preferred particle orientations hampering high-resolution protein structure determination.


Gain insights in the structure and function of your protein targets

Our protein research expertise and technology will help you gain key insights in the structure and function of your protein. These will translate into new perspectives and solutions for many applications such as drug design, epitope mapping, protein engineering and biosensor development.

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