Protein research services

Proteins are a key building block of life. They fulfill an essential role as a structural support, catalyst or process regulator. Having high-resolution protein structure information enables a better understanding of their molecular function within the cell.

Industry-leading cryo-EM services
that drastically lower screening time

Fast track your protein through the PUXANO cryo-EM pipeline. We specialize in cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) sample preparation, screening and data collection. But we can also help you at earlier stages such as protein construct design, expression, purification and binding analysis. Our current platform enables high-throughput sample preparation for cryoEM, by eliminating major bottlenecks such as sample consumption (10X less) and preferred particle orientations hampering high-resolution protein structure determination.





Our service platform is designed to
foster the following key value creators:

Access to difficult targets

PUXANO enables researchers to overcome the challenges within structural biology where standard protocols fail. By developing custom-made nano-biotech solutions we gain access to proteins that were inaccessible in the past.

Gain time

PUXANO eliminates the loop of trial and error. Once a specific protein has been resolved, we install a high-throughput pipeline that can address similar proteins in a significantly reduced timeframe. This enables you to win time and obtain a head start compared to your competitors.

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