Accelerating structure-based protein research

PUXANO is a platform-based biotech company focusing on streamlining the overall workflow of structural biology. This includes protein construct design, expression, purification, binding studies, quality control and structure determination by cryo-EM. Our platform of innovative nanotechnology, biotechnology and computational tools enables us to overcome bottlenecks such as low protein yields and sample volumes, preferred particle orientation and enables access to previously inaccessible protein targets.


Our mission is to accelerate protein research across all fields and industries by using a combination of nano-, biotechnology and data science. By providing expertise and proprietary technology in the areas of protein expression, purification, binding and activity analysis, along with high-resolution protein structure determination, we want to support anyone engaging in protein research.


PUXANO wants to become the industry’s key go-to partner in structure-based protein research and drug development when standard protocols fail. By building and implementing novel technology platforms, bridging nano-, biotechnology and data science, we seek to eliminate trial-and-error cycles to reduce resource and time consumption and to gain access to previously inaccessible targets.


Excel beyond competition

PUXANO strives to be at a level of excellence which transcends competition and hence leads to collaborative partnerships. We believe in sincere co-development where we combine partner expertise in protein targets and disease domains with the PUXANO platform technologies and expertise to create a reproducible lasting solution. Together, we seek to overcome those challenges that others regard as impossible to solve.

Innovate across disciplines

PUXANO combines different fields of expertise in nanotechnology, structural biology and data science. This enables us to provide new perspectives and multidisciplinary innovative solutions.