From customer to partner

PUXANO aspires to be a long-term partner in your protein research by providing access to our technology platforms and expertise. We then transfer from service provider to platform technology provider, where we provide consolidated access to our technologies and expertise.  

Our aim is not to solve a single structure, but to design a lasting solution for reproducible high-throughput protein structure determination of a specific protein target class with different (bio)molecules. 

Long-term partnerships as a breeding ground for steady progress

We seek collaborations to explore our various platform technologies in numerous disease areas. We work closely together in an exclusive manner with our partners (Pharma, Biotech, NPOs and Academic institutes) on a specific protein or protein class. We target projects which cannot be resolved using standard technologies and where target-specific platform customization is necessary.

Once a specific target is embarked in a partnership, all steps are evaluated starting from gene to structure. These steps are optimized at multiple levels, including the nanotechnological, biotechnological and computational customization of PUXANO tools. After finishing a project the Pharma or Biotech customer can rerun the target-specific pipeline for different molecules in high-throughput at PUXANO or use the technologies internally after on-site platform deployment.

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