PUXANO protein research services

Our stand-alone services

We provide stand-alone services in the form of pre-defined packages at any step of the structural biology pipeline, including protein sequence analysis and construct design, expression, purification, quality control and interaction studies, electron microscopy sample preparation and image acquisition and processing. Backed by our PUXANO technology platforms, many of the bottlenecks encountered with standard technologies, are resolved in a single-shot experiment, enabling us to demonstrate the advantages of our platform and to quickly move from an introductory study to a steady collaborative partnership.  

Our protein research expertise and technology will help you gain key insights in the structure and function of your protein. These will translate into new perspectives and solutions for many applications such as quality control, drug design, epitope mapping, protein engineering and biosensor development.

Our service packages

Structural Bioinformatics

Using a combination of predictive AI-tools, bioinformatic sequence analysis and molecular simulations, we perform extensive in silico analysis of your protein(s) of interest. This information provides substantial value for applications like vaccine design, protein production or protein engineering.

CryoEM Grid Screening

Using the PXN grid portfolio we can quickly screen which grid works best for your specific target protein structure determination using cryoEM. This includes PXN holey grids and PXN graphene grids whereby we vary hole size, film thickness, grid material and surface functionalization.

Nanoparticle Quality Control.

We perform a visual inspection of nanoparticles using negative stain and cryo-electron microscopy supplemented with advanced image processing. The latter enables us to qualitatively and/or quantitatively assess particle homogeneity, morphology, size, particle load, etc.

Protein-protein interaction profiling

We analyze protein-ligand or protein-protein complex formation by monitoring affinity, kinetics, stoichiometry or thermodynamic profiles.