PUXANO CEO Wouter Van Putte speaks at EuroCC Austria on "AI Meets Life Sciences"

30 April 2024

Artificial intelligence: a catalyst for innovation in experimental structural biology

Proteins are everything. They are the building blocks of life, orchestrating vital functions like muscle growth, immunity, and hormonal balance in human bodies. The functionality of proteins relies heavily on their specific structures. For researchers, working out their complex structures has long been a challenge. With AI, the challenge has been alleviated.

Now we have a groundbreaking and time-saving method for predicting protein structures very accurately. One of the most widely known tools for that is AlphaFold – a deep learning-based system developed by Google DeepMind. It is designed to predict protein folding, a critical problem in biochemistry with profound implications for understanding biology and developing new drugs.

Wouter Van Putte, CEO of PUXANO,gave his expert view on current approaches to protein design, research, and the state-of-the-art tools like AlphaFold2 that are transforming the domain of LifeSciences and revolutionising DrugDevelopment at EuroCC Austria.

View the recording here here.

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